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Dass Online Farm Supplies delivers grocery items to households across the Dar es Salaam including perishable and frozen goods. Complete your grocery shopping through our selection of refrigerated, frozen, and non-perishable groceries, health and beauty supplies, home, and gift items. We are a great solution for sending packages to homes, schools, workplaces and public or private institutions. Sending fresh groceries to any address within Dar es Salaam is easy on DassFarm. Download our APP from Apple Store or Google play today and place your order.

We want to bring you the very best of Tanzania ingredients when they’re in season and at the peak of their flavor. All of our fresh beef, pork and chicken, vegetables, cereals and fruits are sourced from Tanzania farmers, including the meat in our ready meals. We believe in treating our customers, Partners, farmers and suppliers fairly, and support DassFarm®.


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